“Ha” in Hawaiian means strong breathing and also the number four. It is similar to Yoga breathing. You do the same belly breathing. You breathe in through the nose expanding your abdomen. You then hold the breath. Then exhale through the mouth. Pause. Repeat.

Ha breathing has a ratio in which to breathe depending on the purpose. A:B:C:D is a ratio. “A” represents the inhale breath. “B” represents the holding of the breath. “C” represents the exhaling of the breath. “D” represents the pause between the exhale and the inhale.

With this ratio 1:1:1:1, you inhale for the same amount of time as the hold, exhale, and pause. Each step of the breath is equal. With this ratio 1:1:2:1, the exhale is twice as long. If you inhale for 4 count, then you hold for 4 counts, then exhale for 8 counts, and then pause for 4 counts.

With this ratio 1:1:2:0 with a 4 count, you inhale 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, exhale for 8 counts, pause for 0 counts which is a slight to no pause. This is one cycle of the Ha breath. The Hawaiians used this ratio of breathing to generate energy which they called mana. The secret of the breath was prized in their culture.

Instead of just talking about, just do the exercise below and post your experiences.

With the ratio of 1:1:2:0 with a 4 count. You inhale for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, exhale for 8 counts, and a slight to no pause. Repeat this cycle 4 times. Rest for as long as needed. Repeat with another 4 cycles of Ha breathing. Rest and Repeat. The goal is to do a total of 40 Ha breaths.

What do you notice?

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Sarah Eftink

Co-Author of the upcoming book “Quantum Huna”

PS from Yates

The reality is that each human is a special energy generating machine and NOT just for survival. You have the ability to generate energy and control the amplitude, frequency, modulation and information content. The Ha Breath is a key component. Master this and you will be absolutely amazed at what takes place in your world and others.

Experience it you MAY in MAY