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Information versus Knowledge

Information: Data that have been shaped into form that is meaningful and useful to human beings.

Knowledge: Concepts, Experience, and Insight that provide a framework for creating, evaluating and using information.

I will say it this way. Information CAN BE meaningless and useless without KNOWLEDGE. Our focus is in providing both and more especially Knowledge.

Would I give my check book, credit card, cash to My three year old or ANY three year old related or not?


The three year old is idealistic and has no concept of money, worth, work, value or much else at that age or mentality. They want everything they see. It may because the thing is pretty or colorful or they have never seen the thing and it looks good to them. They are learning and have no concept of what is real when it comes to the parents providing it for them. They are literally building those concepts based on what the parent or parents DO when they ask or beg or cry or whatever persuasion techniques they may have already learned.

Guilt – Sister has one, I want one too.

Learning – WHY daddy. Pretending curiosity and no matter what you say they respond WHY or WHY NOT.

Behavior – I’ll be extra good if you do.

Future tense – I want ask for anything else, ever.

Personal attack – You’re mean, I hate you, Daddy (or Mommy) will get it for me.

This whole discussion came up in reference to personal spending of information products which will redirect you life and politics.

Some of you while industrious and diligent have the concept in your mind that only physical items like cars, phones, clothes are things which are worth money. Information, mentoring, counseling, therapy or any interaction where you would like assistance is deemed unnecessary. You will ask a friend or find something for free. The obvious answer is that you usually get what you pay for.

THE IRS does not always view it that way. There was one year, many years ago, that I spent $30,000 in one year for workshops for my wife and I, by the way we will celebrate our 35th anniversary in July. The IRS would not let us deduct them because neither of us showed an immediate increase in income. However over the next five years both of our incomes doubled.

Had we relied on the IRS to make our choice, there is no telling what the results may have been.

When you spend money on your mind, it is not only going to affect your brain, it will ultimately affect your body and everything around you. You may have already noticed. It is by DOING and thinking that that your ultimate results occur. YOU MUST learn to DO certain things and LET other things happen naturally as a result.

I trust that you are looking for the best and coming to the May Workshop will be absolutely an amazing experiences as you will DO not just gather information.

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