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Sarah Speaks:

Here is a common question facing everyone, what does the end of the Mayan calendar mean? Some believe that the world will end. I am not one of those people. I believe in the theory that the Mayan calendar ended because rotation of the solar system ends. It takes the solar system about 5,125 years to complete its rotation. We live in the Age of Pisces which began in 3113 BC and ends in 2012. The Age of Aquarius then begins in2012. I believe we are entering a new era of being more consciously aware.

What does science tell us? We know that the plant’s frequency is changing. The vibration of the earth has been rising. The Schumann resonance is one of the earth’s natural magnetic fields. It was identified in 1952. Since it is on the electromagnetic spectrum, it directly affects the pituitary gland of the human body. It affects the pituitary gland through the magnetite that is held within the gland. Magnetite is a magnetically sensitive compound of iron and oxygen. Magnetite is what allows animals to migrate north or south. It is migrating animals “homing device.” This is why humans are also sensitive to magnetic field. Magnetic fields affect us through the magnetite that is located in the pituitary gland. The human magnetic field is directly affected by the earth’s magnetic field. In return, can human thought affect the earth magnetic field? I believe so. Since we are all interconnected, then it should. If my frequency or energy can directly affect a room, then it could affect the earth’s energy field.

The Schumann Resonance is increasing. The magnetic poles are moving. Science has proven that what was North or South has moved from its original position. This means that what was called “true north” is no longer true north. Scientifically, it proves that the magnetic fields of the earth are changing. Since the magnetic field affects humans, the earth is having an impact of the human magnetic field. Since the earth normal frequency or Schumann Resonance is rising, then it is directly affecting the frequency of our body.

When you apply this knowledge to the society, what do you notice is happening in the world? I notice that there is a shift in consciousness. People are waking up. They are realizing that we are more than just skin. Now science is proving that we each have energy and magnetic fields. Science is realizing that everything is energy. If everything is energy, then the human experience is a series of frequencies, wavelengths and vibrations. An emotion is a vibration. Pain is vibration. Thoughts have a vibration. Since the earth frequency is rising, it is naturally assisting people to clear and transmute all lower frequency events or emotions. If you so choose too. The earth’s frequency is supporting you by raising it frequency to allow you to raise your frequency. In return, if you raise your frequency you then directly affect the earth’s frequency.

Since the earth’s magnetic field runs through each of us, we have a part of the earth running through everyone simultaneously. If you have a positive vibration, you are sending positive vibrations out into the world to directly affect everyone and everything including the earth.

The nature of the human body is to find balance. The earth is the same way. The earth has a naturally cleaning process as does the human body. The Amazon River has extreme clean water yet people use it to bathe in and as a major transportation line. This water stays clean because of the bacteria that grow in it. This bacteria keeps it clean. The earth is always in a process of evolution. The human body is so closely related to the earth that we humans are also in a state of constant evolution. If you chose to live in a consciously aware state of mind, most at some point will decide to release old habits, patterns, beliefs, events or emotions that are not congruent with how you want to lead your life. When you release out lower vibrations within the body, you then allow a new higher vibration to enter the body. This is raising your body frequency.

What happens if you chose to do nothing? Since the frequency of the earth is rising, you would be in a constant state of imbalance. The goal of being in balance is to match your frequency with the frequency that surrounds you at that time. If you are out of balance you are at a different frequency than your environment. This can be felt physically from being uncomfortable to more serious symptoms of depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, etc. These conditions have no source of origin. This means that it is unexplainable. I am anxious for no reason. I am depressed for no reason. I have pain with no reason. When you have a physically discomfort, your mind assigns a value to it. Since I am anxious, I must be stressed. Since I am feeling sadness, then I must be depressed. Are they even asking this question? Are these even my emotions? Am I balanced within myself? They don’t realize that there is a reason.

One reason could be balance or lack of it. If you are out of balance, you then need to do Ho’o pono. Ho’o pono means to cause or create balance. Ho’o pono is to cause or create balance within yourself. When you have reached a state of Ho’o pono then you can have Ho’o pono pono. Ho’o pono pono means to amplify Ho’o pono twice. When in a state of Ho’o pono pono, you are in balance both within and without yourself. You can only achieve true Ho’o pono pono once you have achieved Ho’o pono. Balance starts within you. Once you are balanced within, you can then find or create balance in your environment.

How do you achieve Ho’o pono? For me, I had to release the lower frequency of my past. I did Ke Leina many times to release negative emotions in the past. I also do a morning ritual to establish balance within my energy field and to communicate with my three selves. I also maintain a state of being consciously aware of my environment to the best of my abilities. This establishes Ho’o pono within myself. In a state of Ho’o pono, you receive message about your environment through your Unihipili. Your Unihipili is what deciphers the magnetic and energy fields and then sends you a message in ways you can understand. If you are in a state of disharmony, then how can you decipher those messages given. If you are in disharmony, the messages you receive will be about disharmony. If you have positive outlook, you notice more of the positive. If you have a negative outlook, you then notice more of the negative. The Unihipili handles patterns. If your pattern is disharmony, then that is the level your Unihipili is operating. If your pattern is positive, then that is the pattern your Unihipili is operating. Since your Unihipili understands and reads energy and magnetic fields, it will find what is in harmony with the pattern you have established and/or the current frequency you are operating. If your pattern is positive, you will naturally be lead to positive things.
It all boils down to this.

The change starts within you by making a choice. The choice is either to evolve or to stand still. A choice to be consciously aware or not. A choice to be balanced or not. These are some of the choices that we are facing now. What is your choice?

Every road is different for everyone yet every journey begins with a single step.

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Sarah Eftink

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I was Born This Way and I knew it when I was a child. I knew I had a knowledge and SENSE that was way more than flesh and blood. I did not understand it and still do not completely AND I did not think “I am number one” or number two or number three. I did not think “I am number four”. I knew I was unique. Not better or worse than anyone else. My life was not dependent of oil prices or Pope John Paul II. It was dependent on me and what I learned and did with my experiences. That has led to today.