It seems that most of what I hear from the media and Washington is that nothing is anyone’s fault. In looking over some responses to your surveys, I get the same feeling.

Let me put my perspective on this topic. Dr Earl Massey many years ago put out a series of articles and reports years ago about “You Are What You Were When.”
The debate was the influence of environment including the cultural environment on individuals. For example if you were brought up in a large farm family it was only natural that everyone worked and did their chores around the farm. Everyone had their thing to do to contribute to the well being of the family. Consider the same size family growing up in the city living on welfare. These individuals will have a different set of work ethics and views on how to succeed.

Dr Massey also discusses the hierarchy within a family. An only child will most likely think the world revolves around them. The baby will most likely think that they are supposed to be looked after as they have been “babied” their whole lives. Each child as they are experiencing life very quickly realizes their place in the family and thus begins the effort to get the parents attention. Usually the first child is expected to be in charge as they are the oldest. The second will do something different to get their attention. Something different from the first. Think of how many people who you know where the oldest is into sports and the second is a bookworm. Each will via for attention in a different way.

What if one grows up in a one parent family and has NO one in their environment to represent the missing parent.
here is another debate going on right now to which I think you can relate. There is a label going around called “Soft Skills.” It stresses the ability to communicate and get along. I will discuss this over the next few days.
All of the studies explain but do not justify one individuals behavior.


You are a product of your environment and your genetics. Both can be changed by YOU. AWARENESS is the key.

IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT IS FALSE when it comes to being stuck where you are.

It may be you are stuck in your brain or in a particular job or in a certain location. It does not matter. It does not mean that your future is SET.