Think about it. Do you know what the horizon is? It is where the sky meets the earth.

I ask someone the other day to walk out to the horizon and wave back. He laughed and acknowledged that he would disappear from our sight and never reach the horizon.

You see the HORIZON is just a construct in your mind, a figment of the imagination. It does not exist in the REAL WORLD. It is simply a word used to make some sense of something that does not exist. To let us talk about what we see in some mythical way that the brain accepts.

FAIR or FAIRNESS is another similar word. There is nothing in the REAL WORLD that is FAIR. It is just another concept word that can never be achieved and is used by numerous people to justify whatever agenda they happen to support or believe in. You can literally pick any two subjects, contrast them against each other and ask the question: Is it FAIR. Someone will take each side of the question. Some will say yes and others will say no.

Is it fair that some people have knowledge and some do not. What is the price one should put on knowledge.