While doing some research, a colleague of mind pointed out that the Eskimos have many many different words for SNOW. Each word relates to a unique and recognizable characteristic of snow which is VITAL to the Eskimos survival.

Astonishingly, so did the Ancient Hawaiians. They had at least 30 words for chant. As I started to think about it, I realized what was going on from a Quantum Huna point of view. Each chant had a particular resonant sound that conveyed the message to the GODS.

You can think of it as the language of the GODS, or the resonance frequency that activates that part of the CREATION process to manifest whatever the chant was about.

For example, just say the words for each number.

ONE – there is an hum at the end of NNNN

TWO – there is a different hum at the end of OOOO

THREE – a different hum of EEEE

FOUR – a different hum of RRRR

FIVE – a different hum of VVVV

SIX – a different hum of IIII

SEVEN – an two syllables of VVVV and NNNN

EIGHT – Beginning hum of AAAA

NINE – a Beginning hum of IIII

TEN -a beginning hum of EEEE

Now pick a series of numbers such as
1 1 – 1 4 – 2 1 – 3 9 – 4 1 – 6

and chant them as one, one, pause, one four, pause, two one, pause, three nine, pause, four one, pause, six

Notice how you feel.

You may have found yourself in a rhythm until you got to SIX which was the first number in the sequence to have the emphasis on the beginning syllable.

Do it again and notice the difference.

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